Adventures in Modern Marketing

In my previous post I noted that blogging was a great and inexpensive promotional tool. To be honest with you, a few months ago (for me) blogging was just a term that popped up now and then. I wasn’t curious about it because there are too many new things happening on the internet. I guess that’s why its good to have a webaddict like rafiq as a friend to guide me and share his invaluable wisdom, because that’s what he does. Anyway, to all of you who do not know the purpose and advantages of blogging, here’s some great advice and experiences by David Maister:

A few months ago, I was having dinner with an acquaintance, a world-famous professor at one of the most eminent business schools, who asked me: “What’s a blog?� I was, at first, surprised. But then I realized that it was really only nine months or so since I had first learned the term. The world is moving fast, and we all have to both learn and teach simultaneously, doing both at an ever-increasing speed!

(My professor friend is now up and blogging, but as a possible service to others, I will include a few definitions in this article to assist those exploring the topics for the first time.

Two features set apart a blog, or web log, from other kinds of websites: ease of publishing and reader interaction. Blog software is designed so that people with no computer experience can easily put their writing online, in their own blog or by adding comments to those of other people.

The conversations that arise can be both lively and informative. If you aren’t familiar with blogs yet, you can start by taking a look at the blog on my website.)

This article is about some of the lessons I have learned (or relearned) about marketing in an Internet world, through my own recent marketing activities. I hope others will benefit from my experiences at what (for me, at least) feels like the frontier.


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