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There is a vast amount of promotional companies supplying corporate clothing/uniforms to businesses in Cape Town. How do you as the customer choose your supplier? Do you base your decision on the price, quality or service?

Price and Quality

Due to my experience as a supplier, I can say that for many smaller businesses the price element is usually the primary decision-making factor. This is understandable because the budget for a smaller business is usually more limited when compared to larger companies and overspending in any area wouldn’t be wise. There is a tendency amongst small businesses to choose the lowest price, which is not always the best decision because lower priced products could mean lower quality products. Can your supplier make sense of why the product they provide is the least expensive, but still maintains high quality standards? If not, move on and find someone else .

What to look out for when choosing garments:

Workmanship : Whether you are purchasing t-shirts, formal shirts, trousers, tracksuits or any other type of clothing, you must ensure that the garment has been assembled correctly. This garment is going to represent your business, university or sports club and should be flawless and well constructed. Thus, when examining the garment check for loose threads, broken seams and irregular seam tension. The absence of these faults indicates that the manufacturer has a good quality system in place.

Fabric : Fabric accounts for approximately 60% of garment cost and manufacturers normally look to cut costs in this area. Find out about the fiber count (grams) and content. A higher fiber count will usually last longer because it is more durable and natural fibers such as cotton is more comfortable to wear.

Dimensional stability : This refers to the shape of the garment and its ability to retain that shape after wearing and washing. Will the product shrink or distort after a few washes?

Colour Fastness : This refers to the ability of the garment/fabric to retain its colour after washing or lengthy exposer to light.

If you take the above characteristics into consideration you may understand why a few extra Rands could keep you looking good for longer.
Can quality garment be less expensive?

Yes, my t-shirt manufacturer does produce quality garments at lower prices. This is because he produces the fabric; assembles the garment and operate to a strict quality control system. Owning the system from materials production to garment production means that a the middleman has been removed thus cutting the cost of the fabric. And at the same time he has control over the whole process. This company has also been the number one t-shirt supplier in South Africa for many years and are extremely efficient and effective at what they do.


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