Why outsource events?

Successful companies are those who concentrate on core business while outsourced partners supply expert services for non-core functions. Since they are time-consuming exercises, events are ideal for outsourcing because your personnel’s time is freed up to focus on core functions.

Statistics show that 80% of sales are derived from existing clientelle and therefore it is imperative that companies find ways to maintain service levels to their existing clients. Events are effective mechanisms to do just that!

Why do it?

Now anyone who has ever been involved in the co-ordination of events will know that it is a time-consuming project which does not directly create revenue. Therefore the question is asked, “Why do it?�

Well, the answer, of course, is simply because it is a value-added service to existing clients and an excellent networking opportunity for new clients – provided that the outsourced events managing partner understands the client’s strategy, goal and brief with this very event.

Since it requires dedication and time commitment, the outsourced management of an event will increase the efficiency in the running, and not the ruining, of the event.

If an event is properly outsourced, the client focuses on his business and gains the expertise and knowledge of the events management partner who knows the trends, the solutions and the recipes of this key marketing function.

Time and money

Very often the managing of an event by in-house personnel causes burn-out and exhaustion, which affects the business not only in the preparation process of the event but even after the event, sometimes for days. This causes stress and prevents personnel from attending to their core functions at the office, costing the company even more time and money.

Rather have your key personnel concentrate on your clients – before, during and after the event, thereby fulfilling the objective of relationship building.

Rather increase revenue by improving existing customer satisfaction and loyalty and by capturing new markets with face-to-face events opportunities.

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