Screen Printing Video 1(One colour print,t shirts)

I’ve had a few inquiries by people who wanted to learn how to screen print. And then I came across a series of screen printing videos. So here’s the first one.


3 thoughts on “Screen Printing Video 1(One colour print,t shirts)

  1. The videos is clear and simple. I would like to start a home based t-shirt printing business. where do i go to get equipment to start?

    1. Hi Francis, for a home based business I would suggest carousel printing. Carousel printing allows you to print 6 – 8 colours at a time and makes registration easy. Give the guys at Colorscreen a call on 021 511 6750 and check out their details

    2. Hi Francis, the setup on the video was custom built by an experienced printer. If you want to start printing from home I would suggest a carousel printer. You can call Colorscreen in Paarden Eiland, cape Town. Good luck.

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