The need to manufacture.

Well, let’s make it as simple as possible.


You are launching a new perfume brand next month which will be sold as a gift pack. As a promotion, you are giving away a t shirt with every perfume sold. The t shirt must be orange to match the packaging of the gift set and must be suitable for ladies between the ages of 30 and 45, because those are the customers you are targeting. It is definite that you will not be able to purchase the t-shirts from any wholesalers because you will not get the correct fit or colour. What should you do?

LavaInk is connected to various CMT’s in the South African Clothing Industry. We will source the fabric and trims; make the patterns; do the manufacturing and add the finishing touches like printing or embroidery. All need is the idea and we will make it happen!

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  1. Good day,

    We need volume ladies t-shirts for our current stores. Our existing supplier is in Botswana and had to close end last year. We have a specific cut for our ladies shirts. Would it be possible for you to help us out and what would the cost implication be?

    Looking forward to hearing from you!
    Thank you kindly, have a blessed day!
    Iriza Eichorn
    Novel-T Manager

  2. Hi Iriza,

    Thank you for your enquiry. Please contact us via our contact form and we can discuss this further. We can definitely help you with this.

  3. Hi.. I am looking for 100% cotton white t-shirts with round neck 190 – 200 gsm.i am looking at a large volume (50 000 – 100 000 pcs a month). It is for wholesale purposes and exporting as well.

    Many Thanks

  4. hi… im looking to start my own clothing brand. i have a good idea as to what the clothes should look like but am otherwise uneducated in the clothing areana…please let me know if you can help. thanks so much

  5. Good day,

    I need to buy tshirts in bulk with specific messages printed on them, for children and adults. I am based in Pretoria.

    Thank you


  6. Hi Sean and Ntuthu, please contact me via our contact form ( and I will gladly assist you.

  7. Hi

    I need to buy good quality plain t-shirts. I am thinking of starting my own clothing brand and will do the printing myself.

    Would you be able to help me please.


  8. Hi Jonathan, please contact me via our contact form (

  9. Hi, i’m looking for plain t-shirts. I have started my own clothing label. I am looking for slim fit t-shirts for guys preferably 200grams, i will also need female cuts with the same spec’s. please help.

  10. good day
    I need golf-shirts for school children with their name printed on the shirts and the school logo.
    please respond

  11. Hi Tumelo, thanks for the enquiry, please contcat us at .

  12. Hi Derick, I’m sure we can assist you please contact

  13. Hi Derick, I’m sure we can assist, you please contact

  14. Good day,

    Need t shirts with printing and embroidery on them. Starting a clothing line. Have a design on how the shirts will look. Would it be possible for you to help us out and what would the cost implication be?

    Looking forward to hearing from you!
    Yours Sincerely


  16. hi can you please send me a price list on all your t-shirts , i’m crrently running a digital printing business and is looking to expand.thanks

    1. Hi Nev, thanks for the enquiry. Please send us a contact form from our contacts and orders page as we work on a quotation basis.

  17. hi there i am staring a clolthing label soon and i would like to know what your current prices are for all of you t-shirts and shirts.

    please can you send me a price list of all your merchandise.


    1. Dear Christopher, due to the state of the economy we work only on quotation basis. Please fill in a contact form and we will quote you accordingly.

  18. Ladies clothing manufacturer based in Cape Town, wanting to source T Shirts for our shops….can we talk to you…?

  19. ..oh yes…. do you have a Cape Town outlet…?


  20. […] a behind the scenes look at  t shirt manufacturing – a 22 second glimpse of our CMT (Cut, Make, Trim) […]

  21. Hi Rushdeen

    I need good quality t-shirts for the youth group of my church. Plain shocking pink golf t-shirts, must be of good quality.

    P.S Need 150+ report back to me ASAP for the charges

  22. Hello

    I need 2500 + 145 g tshirts. Can you let me know the best price you can give me for the size of this order?



    1. Dear Erin please contact us here and someone will respond.

  23. Sir,

    We are interested to give you contract for supplying of large quantity of t-shirt needed for election .

    1. Hi Mr Paul, please contact us via our <a href="HI Bongani, please fill in our contact form for a quote :)”>contact form 🙂

  24. hello i am a cmt looking for any cut make and trim work mainly knits to manufacture

    1. Salaam Riedwaan, please send your details and your manufacturing capabilities 😉

  25. Im looking for somone who can help me , i need T shirt & golf t shirt.i have ma own brand lebel .size must be small o mediam.i need b4 16/12/2010. Thank u.

    1. Hi Mbu, please submit this request on our contact and orders page.

  26. Hi Rushdeen,

    Im starting my own clothing brand with a friend. I know where i want to go with it and i have a brand name and logo already. I just need to find a supplier who is well priced and produces quality. Would you be able to help?



    1. Hi Drew. You are at the right place. We are a clothing engineer and consulting business. So all you do is give your designs and we do all the donkey work. We only use reputable suppliers and service providers and we also have a relationship with them and thus they offer us reduced pricing.

  27. Good day,we are working on our clothing line and we need to know the kinds of t-shirts you manufacture.We are not yet sure of the names of materials, but have an idea and know the materials when we see them.We were wondering whether its possible for us to come see you so you can show us your t-shirts and then we can choose which material we wish you to supply us with.

    Your prompt response will be greatly appreciated.

    Lusta Lemar

  28. Hi

    I’m participating in a fashion show in october, where my designs will be displayed. I am not financially able to make garments from scratch just yet so I’m looking for tshirts for males and females aged between 19-27/8.

    Please contact me with more info, will be appreciated.
    Kind regards.
    Lisa Heldsinger

  29. HI Shenaaz, please do contact us on 021 820 4645

  30. Oh yes, please prepare swatch cards and send it to us.

  31. HI Michelle, sorry for the extremely late reply. Please send us an email as we are unclear of your proposal. Let’s see if we can help you.

  32. i need about 100 sweaters with hoods of different sizes to do prints on for a start.

    all white-can you give me a price range indication please

    1. Hi anneline, please send fill in our contact form and we will respond.

  33. Hi..
    Iam a co-owner of a street wear clothing label that that has been running for a year and 6months now, since its winter time our custormers are asking for baseball jackecks so is possible for ur company to get us that kind of merchandise as soon as possible.

  34. Good Day
    We need to have 20 golf t-shirts made in CB mens style, with navy and skyblue as colours. The t-shirts also has to have embroidery with(1) our company logo on it and (2) our department on. Can you assist us?

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