Cheaper screen printing positives

Here’s a great way to save on those once-off jobs if you’re outsourcing the making of positives for screen printing.
In my experience, the cheapest price for positives in the Western Cape is about R25 for an A4 size.


You don’t need a a fancy postscript printer with special positive film because these are very costly. The film alone is about R1200 per box. There is a cheaper option that nobody tells you about.

Overhead projectors that teachers use to display the lessons onto the white screen in classrooms? They also used positive films, but a much cheaper version that can be printed from a normal printer.

These sheets are called transparency film by Pelikan which can be purchased by The Write Shoppe which goes for about R190/ box of fifty (A4 sized)
All you do is set your printer to print with black ink only and at the highest quality resolution and you have cheaper possies.
*Please note that these positives are not as durable as the normal ones.


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