Promotion and advertising

Create a demand for your product and services by means of a good promotional campaign. A good advertisement could see all your stock sold in a single day whilst a bad advertisement could cost the same and have a damaging effect on your sales. How do you spend your promotional investment well? Know what to look for. Tell the customer only what is in it for him. That is all he will be interested in.
Selected South African links Advertising and public relations
Information provided by Microsoft SA specifically for small business.MediaWeb
MediaWeb hosts South Africa’s most extensive and up-to-date database of media professionals, locally and internationally, and puts your information in the hands of the right journalists, publications and websites everywhere from Hoopstad to Helsinki.

Proudly South African
Proudly South African is an exciting campaign to promote South African companies, products and services which are helping to create jobs and economic growth in our country. Certain criteria must be met before the logo can be used.

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