Sick of baggy? Mens fitted t-shirts are now available.

We’ve had many requests for fitted t-shirts (for men) in the past so the decision was finally made to start supplying them. I personally prefer them as well, I must admit. We should have done this a long time ago but I was told that I shouldn’t stock what I like but instead what the market likes. What do you know, the market wants what I like? :>

They really look cool and are made of a light weight cotton fabric thats appropriate for the hot summer that we are going to experience. So to all the non-skater dudes, we are catering for you guys as well. As for the ladies, we’ve always stocked fitted v-neck and crew neck t shirts. I musts add the mens fitted t shirts to our catalogs so you guys can see what they look like and I will be doing that soon. In the meantime give us a call and we will get a sample to you if you’re interested.

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