The week of rollercoaster rides for Lavaink

Wow, did our weekend start off crazy. When we arrived at the offices on Friday evening to catch up on some work that we were busy with ealier that day, we found our offices vandalised and totally cleaned out of all equipment and samples. This unfortunate incident was totally wiped from my mind by 7.38 am on Saturday morning when my wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl by c/section (I watched every bloody step). These two shocking events had many after effects like police reports, fingerprints taking, hospital visits, shopping for new computers, getting new software, searching for a new house and on and on and on…………..and all of this in the span of 6 days.

Now I’m sitting here and thinking about what happened. Only one of these things are really important to me, little Jasmin Rose. She is the thrill of the rollercoaster ride. That point of the ride that makes you feel all queezy and excited with a new zest for life (and work)


5 thoughts on “The week of rollercoaster rides for Lavaink

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    Thank you

  2. Hi there. Im Lulu and I would like you to send me a quote on 5 TShirts and 2 Golf Shirts printed. I would appreciate if there is a discount as well. Im looking forward to hearing from you. Cheers

    1. Dear Lulu, thank you for your enquiry. We are wholesalers of these products and our minimum order quantity is 30 units.

  3. hi i’m Leko. how much duz it cost to print 1 t shirt.

    1. Hi Leko, very expensive! Very, very ,expensive! So expensive that we do not offer this service 🙂

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