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We have just completed some excellent gifts for Glacier (a division of Sanlam). The task was to manufacture and brand some polar fleece knee blankets. At the start it was a bit tough because their vision entailed a specialized finishing process, namely blanket stitching. After one week of searching we finally found the machine that could do the job, but it took another week of training and fine tuning until we were satisfied with the quality of the operation. It is great when your bounderies are shifted by a client (ie, she knows what she wants and won’t settle for anything less) because the result is a positively coerced product development process which is educational and uplifting. Lava Ink is now a polar fleece blanket supplier (with binding, overlocking or blanket stitching).





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Glacier was launched in August 2006 to spearhead Sanlam Life’s expansion into the local affluent market, in line with Sanlam’s retail strategy of customer centricity through market segmentation.

Our aim is to assist affluent individuals to create and preserve their wealth. We achieve this through:

  • Partnering with highly competent intermediaries to create a sustainable business advantage for all
  • Customising our solutions to meet clients’ individual needs
  • Providing access to an extensive range of financial services providers
  • Facilitating best financial and governance practice
  • Delivering superior customer service at all times

Glacier is backed by Sanlam, one of the oldest and largest life insurance companies in South Africa.

More about Glacier.

10 thoughts on “Blankets Cape Town

  1. I need quotation on the following: Wool blend blankets, spec SANS 63, Type v, must be moth resistant size: 150cm x 200cm colour light grey CKS 129-629C-95.
    Wool blend blankets, spec SANS 63, Type v, must be moth resistant size: 150cm x 200cm colour dark grey CKS 129-628c-95.Wool blend blankets, spec SABS 63, Type IV, must be moth resistant size: 150cm x 200cm colour OXFORD BLUE CKS 129-508c

  2. Hi guyz,tell me something do you manufacture or maybe selling sleeping blankets? If you do,please give me your price list.

    Thank You!

    1. Hi Nkazi, yes we do manufacture blankets for promotional purposes. Our blankets are made of fleece and are finished off with a decorative blanket stitch. We do not have a fixed price list as different clients have different needs. Please contact us here for a quote.

  3. I need urgent quotations for

    * Polar fleece 90×140 cm in plain red to be embroidered at the corner with a bull’s head about 15x15cm-height and width embroidery(black, white and red). I will give you specifics later but for now I need to have an idea of price for 6000 units, 8000 units and 12000 units. The quote to include delivery to Durban. Indicate your lead time please.

    * Also quote me for Polar fleece 250x105cm in plain yellow to be embroidered with 2 words totaling to 10 letters 15x2cm height and width of embroidery in black for 200 units.

  4. hall. I am looking for 150 orange fleece blankets, can you make them? how long will it take? and how much?

    1. Hi Thesca, thanks for the enquiry. Please submit a contact form on our contacts and orders page and someone will send you a quote.

  5. Hi Rosa

    I wanting a quote on 2150 polar fleece blankets 140x 180 assorted colours.

    Same quantity S.A Flag blankets 150 x 200

    An URGENT REPLY would be appreciated.
    Kind regards
    Gail Wilson Design Promotions

  6. can you please give me a list of your woolen blend blankets with most resistance ; specification : SANC 63 , Type v. Plain ; Size:150cm x 200cm ; Colour : LIGHT GREY -CKS 129-629c-2008 .

  7. Am looking for a quote on 1000 black fleece blankets 150 x 190 with a 2 color logo across the blanket, need them by no later than 10 February. we are based in Gauteng. regards Nadine

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