Not so shocking, Eskom does it again!

What’s up with all these power outages? I blew a hard drive on my pc yesterday because a major company of our country failed to do proper planning and they are oblivious about it. Yes, they are suggesting solutions such as geyser blankets, energy saving light bulbs and other insignificant methods to try and solve the power problems but this is only to mask the fact that they are losers. They are in charge of the energy supply (right) and they are the ones who know what is available (right) for the present and the future, so why did they not implement these ideas when there were no shortages. Maybe we could have had a culture that was energy conscious today and they wouldn’t need to run around trying to “shoosh” everyone.

The crappy thing is that last time there were power cuts, the service fees increased. How ironic is that? They never planned properly, they are costing companies (and this country) a loss of production time, but yet we have to pay more. Bad service from their side equals higher charges for us, never heard of it! Now I hear that it will take up to 7 years to sought out these problems. And we are hosting the world cup in 2 years? How can our economy continue to grow when our infrastructure remains the same?
The truth is that the leaders of Eskom need to take some lessons from the energizer bunny. They need to stick a battery up their %&^ and do the things that they are paid (ridiculous sums of money) for, and they need to do this quickly.

Yes, I can moan and groan about it but at the end of the day I am just like them, powerless!


PS. Did you know that you can claim for your computer hardware if it is damaged by these power outages. Just call Eskom service consultants and they will tell you how.

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