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About Realconnect
In a world where the face of communication and technology is constantly changing, we provide our customers with unique solutions in the contact centre, CTI and Data/Voice convergence technology arena. RealConnect is a company that specializes in creating solutions for all your telecommunication needs.
The solutions that we offer are diverse and comprehensive. RealConnect, with years of experience in the market, can offer your business the benefits of product development, specialised solutions, consultation, integration and outsourcing.

  • Our core competencies are in the following fields:
    • Intelligent queuing applications.
    • Computer and telephony integration development on Windows platforms.
    • Soft Switch and Voice-over IP applications.
    • Applications integration to Dialogic CT connect middle-ware.
    • Implementation of IVR applications.
    • As well as our own products ranging including
      • Power / Predictive dialers
      • PRI, BRI, Digital and Analoge Recorders.
      • CRM

We are the preferred integrators for Intel and Dialogic in South Africa.

Take a look at our company, our products, partners and customers. You will realise that RealConnect can provide the solution you need.

Thank you for visiting our website. If you need any further information, please contact us.

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