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T shirts are like jeans, they will never go out of fashion. And even though fashion changes, the basic t shirt will always have a purpose and a place in the world of fashion. This is because the t shirt is the only piece of clothing that can be used as a marketing/ advertising tool; they are cheap and they offer a sense of comfort, similar to a good pair of jeans.

At Lava Ink we stock t shirts for every occasion. These t shirts are categorized according to their grammage, which is a measurement of the fiber content used to make up the fabric. In theory, the higher the grams in the t shirt, the more durable it is. Then their is a differentiation in the processes used to make up the fabric, which is combed or carded. Combed is classified as more durable and luxurious because longer strands of fibers are used which also adds to the garments dimensional stability and smoothness. Carded on the other hand uses shorter fibers which will be lost during regular washing, which means the garment will thin out over a period.
Our 145 gram and 155 gram t shirts are suitable for promotional purposes and have a life of about 1 year before they become unstable, if they are worn frequently. The 165 gram and 175 gram t shirts are suitable for retail and can be sold with peace of mind that they will wash well and wear well. Then we have the 180 gram and 200 gram t shirts which are perfect for frequent wearing, for example, as a uniform or as a high quality retail product.
There are many companies offering t shirts for ridiculously cheap prices, and so does Lava Ink. The cheaper t shirts are most likely for promotional purposes and would not be ethical for retail. If you are retailing, please be careful and always state what the t shirts are going to be used for. Paying a few Rands more will be beneficial in the long run and will help you to retain your customers.

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