T shirt Printing for Boats4Africa/ Tuna Torque- Hout Bay Cape Town

As a screen printer in Cape Town , I must say that we are happy to be getting our quota from our surrounding shorelines. No we do not catch fish! We have been getting work from the guys who do. Tuna Torque are the guys who will find you the “latest listings of new and used boats for sale. Ranging from sportsfish boat, cruisers, sailing boats, barges and even ships”.

The Job entailed a 13 colour print on the front as a pocket size as seen below:


The Back had to be the same but scaled up to fill the whole back as shown here:


Then we had to do 2 CMYK prints on either sleeve which came out stunning:

We ran about 2 days late, for the first time in history, but we had to make sure that these prints were flawless.

PS. Sorry for the poor quality pics (my Samsung black jack)

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