CMYK Printing for fivefingers: by Lavaink

What in fact is CMYK printing you may ask? It is the process whereby pictures are formed by printing four colours namely C= Cyan (blue), M = Magenta ( Pinkish), Y=yellow and K= Black. As seen blow:

In the screen printing process these colours are separated from the image that needs printing and each becomes a positive for a screen:


These colours are then skillfully printed one on top of the other to form the full picture.

Lesson over!

Anyway, did a job for Vibram Fivefingers® in CMYK.

See Below:

pic-0175.jpg pic-0176.jpg

Once again, excuse the ugly pics. Anyone has an old digital camera of 6 mega pixels or higher to chuck this way. Just kidding, I’m too lazy to recharge my batteries.

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