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Iron-on vinyls VS screen printing


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Saw my friend wearing this t shirt yesterday. It is an iron-on vinyl printed onto a black t shirt and it was done for Afrigator. As you can see the print is fading, which is a major problem with iron-on vinyls.

If you are going to invest in t shirts as a promotional item I would suggest screen printing because your investment will last longer. This particular print is quite simple as it is a straight forward vector print (4 colours).

When printing onto vinyls, normal printer inks are used, which do not last especially when washed. It is a fact that after the first 3 washes 30% of the ink is lost.

In screen printing the actual is fused into the fibers of the fabric and if cured properly, the print should outlast the garment.

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  1. Looking at getting prices on t-shirts, hoodies, caps, ready made jeans etc. The best quality (not going to stretch or fade) what quantities, colours etc are available.

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