What are PANTONE colours?

We often get clients who want us to print or embroider their logos. They send us a picture via email and tell us to match the colours for their logo, to the picture they’ve sent us. This is never the right way to match colours as not all monitors are calibrated and colours will always differ from one monitor to the other (even if it is only slightly). This is why we have pantone colours.

PANTONE colours
A colour system of over 1200 standard colours, metallics and pastels, developed by Pantone, Inc., Moonachie, NJ, USA.

The Pantone colour system is a chart of colours that acts as a universal tool to ensure that everyone is “on the same page” when it comes to the identification of colours.

So, we can order some cheap t shirts from china with our country’s flag printed on it and we can be certain that the shade of colours used, will be exactly what we want them to be.

Next time you need to place an order for anything that must be colour specific, like a printed company logo, ask your designer for the pantone colour.

Did you know that the colour of the paint on your walls are mixed using the pantone colour chart? Even the different shades of white!


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