Jail4Bail, Social media doing it good.

This post is dedicated to Gerhard Pieterse who is currently locked in a cell at the Canal Walk Shopping Centre. No, he didn’t commit a crime, on the contrary, he is jailed for an inspiring purpose, to raise 1 million Rand for the awareness of Autism. Through the use of freely available online tools, Rafiq, our notorious Web AddiCT, shows how social media can be socially uplifting.

Here’s how you can help:

SMS the word VUKA to 38010. SMS COSTS R10 AND THERE IS NO MONTHLY SUBSCIPTION FEES. That 10 Rand will be going straight to the #jail4bail charity campaign and Autism Western Cape and you will be able to win a Vuka Scuta, R3000 or R2000.

Jail4Bail, raising R 1 million for Autism awareness!

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