T shirts South Africa (continued)

Well that’s it for sublimation transfers. I was at a sales rep for sublimation equipment and it was quite disappointing. Here’s what I found:

  • To achieve a quality result from sublimation printing one has to print onto a polyester substrate. That’s not cool- imagine wearing polyester on a hot day.
  • The equipment which consists of a modified inkjet printer and a heat press, will cost about R17 000. Such an investment is ridiculous considering that we haven’t had one request for a polyester type t shirt for the whole year. Therefore the ROI will be low or even nil.
  • The process for printing one t shirt is very slow and unproductive.
  • The consumables such as the ink and transfer paper is ridiculously expensive.
  • Sublimation does not allow us to print white. So you would need to print onto an iron on paper for colour garments to achieve white and this paper would then have to be trimmed to the shape of the artwork or else a white block border/the excess paper will stay behind. The paper also gives an unnatural stiff feel to the print.

So my verdict for now is that nothing beats screen printing for quality and longevity.

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  1. i was wondering whether u can do fabric sublimation printing for soccer jerseys.with a specific design asigned at you??

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