Bean There Coffee Company- T shirt print job

These are our VB 180 gram crew neck t shirts with a one colour print on the front and rear. The 180 gram fabric is perfect for uniform-wear as it is durable and maintains its dimensional stability after many washes.

About this client

With a love for coffee and a passion for the African adventure, Bean There Coffee Company acquires, through fair trade, the world’s finest single origin coffee, which is hand roasted to produce an exclusive optimal roast.

Fair trade guarantees farmers will receive a fair payment for their coffee, regardless of market fluctuations, which ensures community development and empowerment. Bean There provides single origin, unblended coffee beans from a single country, region, and crop. All coffee beans have an optimal roast: a point within the roasting process where the key coffee elements of aroma, body, acidity and flavour meet perfectly, resulting in a most desirable, optimal roast. Bean There has sourced the world’s most exclusive coffee which it traditionally hand-roasts in small batches and packages hot, arresting the aroma and flavour until its release. The coffee taste and experience emanates class, distinction, extravagance, and passion. Every cup of Bean There coffee creates an adventure able to transport the taster to the jungles of risk, the farms of intrigue, the plains of mystery, and the taste of Africa’s coffee heritage.

Taken from Bean There Coffee Company website

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