What’s your fLava?

Lava Ink is currently running polls on this blog to determine what maketh a great t shirt.  The aim is to establish what makes your favourite t shirt… your favourite.

To me, my Guess t shirt which is about 7 years old now, has been the best piece of apparel that I’ve ever purchased. It is a medium fit, olive green t shirt made of 100% cotton fabric and has never distorted, even after years of washing. The colour has faded somewhat but it gives the t shirt a vintage look. The other amazing thing about this t shirt is that there has been very little fibre loss which says loads about the quality of the fabric used.

Please leave a comment (below) about your favourite tee and vote (in the far right column) so that we may cater for your fLava.

2 thoughts on “What’s your fLava?

  1. My favourite T is from Morphine Generation. Its a straight cut…not tight fitting, but body flattering..like worn boyfriend T, not capsleeve, but rather much shorther sleeve than for guys T Longer lenghth to inch or 2 under hipbone. thin fabric 100% cotton. ..thinner than 165mg or even 140….good quality.. great stictching. I have not seen one single t that s SA produced that comes close. X

    1. Great stuff Olga! I had a look at the t’s from Morphine Generation and that’s exactly what we are thinking of. Thanks for the useful advice 😉

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