Direct to garment printing

All designers take a deep breath as Lava ink presents Direct to Garment Printing .

Direct to garment printing (DTGP) uses an ink jet printer and thus you can achieve the same results on a garment as you do when you print onto paper. The only drawbacks are that it only works on white surfaces that are 100% cotton and it’s more expensive.

Screen printing cannot compete with the quality and accuracy of detail that DTGP offers when doing photo-like images. However when you’re printing designs that are less shaded and more solid, like logos or any other vector artwork, screen printing remains king. The reason being because screen printing gives a crisp print with clearly defined edges whereas DTGP is better at shading and blending.

Ink Jet printing onto white t shirt
Ink Jet printing onto white t shirt

5 thoughts on “Direct to garment printing

  1. Hi i would like to know more regarding your direct printing for my company please send me the essantial infomation via mail thank you for your time bye

  2. […] were asked to print some 200 gram t shirts for MKP and initially I wanted to do a Direct To Garment (DTG) print. I was then handed this strike-off  and informed that the guys got this result with a screen […]

  3. Hi,where can I purchase a DTG printer?and what is the costs involed?

  4. Iam South african, leaving in Polokwane, need to know how can i get DTG PRINTER.

    1. Hi Leah, do you need to buy a printer or do you want someone to do some DTG printing for you?

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