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Sick and tired of the daily rut? Need some NOS pumped into  your veins to remind you of how thrilling life can be? Well all you need is R1070, a change of underwear (or two) and before you know it, you could be hurling yourself out of a plane in the beautiful, picturesque Robertson in the Western Cape.

Many people complain that they are sick of their daily lives and that they need to make a change, well here is the 360 degrees that you need. The Skydive Ceres Club offers an exciting culture of camping, big barn fires and a view of the world in a way that you haven’t seen before. Put everything into perspective after your first jump and when you get back to the grindstone or feel under pressure , simply reminisce about the time you were floating 10 000 feet above the beautiful farm tapestries of Robertson. From high up there everything seems small, literally and figuratively.

Their About page:Skydive@Robertson

The Western Province Sport Parachute Club was established in 1972 on Modderfontein Farm just outside Citrusdal. In January 2007 the Club moved away from it’s Citrusdal home, and is currently operating from Robertson. The Club is a registered member of the Association of Dropzone Operators (ADZO), which in turn is affiliated with the Parachute Association of SA (PASA). It is a sports club which is owned and operated by its members on a volunteer basis. A Committee is elected on an annual basis and serves voluntarily to ensure the smooth and safe operation of the club.

Over the years the club has strived to promote excellence in the sport of skydiving. From the first stumbling attempts at CReW back in the day (ask Rod Baker to tell you his war stories around the fire some night) to the appearance of two homegrown skydivers in the skysurfing event at the International X-Games, we’ve always been keen to test the new disciplines and perfect the old ones.

Club members meet every Thursday evening from 8pm at the clubhouse of the Milnerton Surf Lifesaving Club on Woodbridge Island. Drop in to see the latest footage from the dropzone or just socialise with club members to get more information on skydiving.
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Besides the actual jumps, Skydive Ceres offers training lessons, accommodation and all equipment.

Skydive Ceres is a client of Lava Ink- custom t shirts.

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