T shirt importers – Cape Town

Lava Ink now supplies t shirts directly from Bangladesh.

  • These goods are of outstanding quality and are produced using the latest garment production technologies.
  • The fabric weight  ranges from 135gram to 185 gram.
  • They are made of 100% combed cotton.
  • They come in a rainbow of colours.
  • We are accepting orders from  35000 units upwards on imports.
  • We deliver within 3 months.
  • We can supply you with samples.
  • We offer the best prices for our t shirts ( can be less than R10/ t shirt, depending on product; exchange rate and quantity ordered)

8 thoughts on “T shirt importers – Cape Town

  1. I am looking for a reliable supplier of combed/brushed cotton plain t shirts.
    Weight should be 170 gram plus. I am starting my own clothing brand
    to print my own designs. Naturally orders will be in bulk at regular


  2. hi
    do you do polysetser t-shirts as well, am looking at purching about 500-1000 monthly

    1. Hi Burfix, sure thing but we would manufacture them for you. Soz for the late response but you shoulda fill in our contact form here

  3. hey guys, im a 19 yrs old guy tryng to start my own clothing store, i want to buy t-shirts print them then sell them, but im nt sure which material i should buy. i wana buy it in bulk bt to do that 1st i would luv ur advice.

    1. Hey Xolani, there are many ways to skin a cat. What you want to do, is our speciality and we do it on a daily basis. You can choose to do things for yourself but it will take a time before you know the processes and know which pitfalls to watch out for. As a newbie, suppliers and manufacturers will charge you a higher rate because they will consider you a “fly by night” and not regular business. You also need to find the best manufacturers and suppliers who offer quality work that is delivered on time and according to your specs. You also need to understand the printing process, especially artwork and set-up. The alternative is coming to us. You will save time and you can get things going immediately. We will also guide you through the process by telling you what kind of fabrics and cuts of t shirts are available; what kind of processes you can choose; how you need the artwork to be set up;etc.

  4. Thank you for this information.

  5. dear all, we are a manufacture of garment in Ningbo city of china.We may supply you what you need.We are the supplier of CONVERSE,so the quality is good .We are the manufacture and the source ,so our price is low .Hope cooperate with you .Email:yuanchanchan1003@hotmail.com CELL PHONE:86-013777075105

  6. Hey Rushdeen, it’s me Xolani again. i would like to come to Lava Ink tomorrow but i don’t know where your business is situated, would you please email me your address at [xolani.jnr90@gmail.com] or sms it to me at [0719480756] as soon as you get this comment, Please…

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