The return of the Global Buddies!

Welcome  back to South Africa Global buddies!

Last year we did some t shirts for this team with a dream, which of course they were happy with… as they’ve asked us to do some more.

t shirts south africa
Global Buddies t shirt, 2009 design

About Global Buddies

The Global Buddies participants are changed by their experiences together. It’s more than seeing some of the beautiful and historical sites in Cape Town, enjoying fun trips and going to restaurants, or even making new friendships. After their time together, the Global Buddies see themselves and the world around them differently. South African Global Buddies improve their English, start seeing a future that includes education and university, and learn about recycling and fundraising from their American friends. The Los Angeles Buddies learn about South Africa, see ways that joy exists outside of material things, and go home with a different perspective of the abundance in their lives.

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