Specials:145 gram white t shirt and printing combination.

This is the first of many combo specials that we are launching and the aim is to make the ordering of standard printed t shirts much easier. The pricing is ridiculously low and it includes the t shirt, print, set-up charges and national delivery. The first price release is for the white 145 gram crew neck t shirt and is the perfect option for promotional freebies. We will be releasing prices for the colour 145 gram t shirt, white165 gram, colour 165 gram within the coming week. Also watch out for the upgrade option where you can upgrade your t shirt from the 165 gram to  a range of various upmarket t shirts ready for retail ( including special make-ups and slim-fit or fitted t shirts).


1 thought on “Specials:145 gram white t shirt and printing combination.

  1. Need 100 tshirts black printed white: AfterDark VIP
    Size tshirts mixed from small to xxxl

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