Beat Fifa trademarks by selling Africa.

Fifa is very strict about their registered trademarks and they have basically gagged local producers by preventing association of products with the upcoming event, unless they have granted permission . However, everyone can reap the benefits of selling clothing products at the Fifa 2010 world cup.Yes, a t shirt/cap  from the 2010 world cup with all the Fifa branding is a great momento to have but it’s not the only kind of product that our international visitors will be looking for.

Here are a few tips on what to do, but I leave the creativity up to you:

Produce local

The key to making loads of cash is to be 100% local. Any locally produced products that have some kind of branding stating that its from SA, Cape Town, Jo’burg or wherever are great gifts to take back. Do not use imported products because the label will say made in China/India – and what’s the use of that?

Produce quality

Make sure that the goods are well constructed or manufactured and that the printing or embroidering is well done. It is a fact that our goods are cheap when compared to Britain,Europe and America. What we may perceive to be expensive is not when converted to Pounds, Dollars and Euros. Get the right suppliers and service providers that are reliable and quality conscious.

Package nicely.

Even if you are selling from a flea market, put your goods in a nice drawstring bag/ brown bag or even in a pizza box (with your branding of course). It all gives the perception of value for money. If your product is packaged well and you have your web address on it, you may reap the benefits long after the world cup.

Cater for all ages

Even though the majority of visitors will fall in a certain age bracket, you must cater for all ages because there are relatives all over the globe that are going to expect something from Mamma Africa.

I’ll end off by saying, be original and create an identifiable brand with a local flavour.

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