Cape Town Stadium from within

Awesomely breathtaking is the only way to describe the feeling one gets when looking over the new Green Point Cape Town (as corrected by Clemy) Stadium pitch from one of its soon-to-be luxury booths.

I was pleasantly surprised when I had to deliver a t shirt order to the stadium yesterday and was excited by the prospect of seeing the  building from the inside and not from High Level or Green Point Main Road.

Around R3,7 Billion (I’ve heard) will be spent upon completion of this beautifully¬† monstrous building, which is nestled between mountain and shore of the world’s most natur-all-y gifted city.

The cost of the cheapest ticket is just under R400 (certain games only)¬† for seats right behind the goals, which makes one think that the view is obstructed, but it isn’t. The seating is so well arranged and elevated, that there are no bad seats. If you can afford to watch at least one game, you must. Even if it is the two worst teams playing. In fact, if you’re local, it probably will be…

There are pros and cons to such an event as the Fifa World Cup 2010. South Africa and sponsors will spend so much per stadium on an event which will only last for one month, while people are dying of hunger, wars and natural disasters as preparations are taking place. On the other hand, the world may see Africa in a different light after a few of these major events and learn to trust and respect our abilities.


6 thoughts on “Cape Town Stadium from within

  1. Nice post.. but it is referred to as Cape Town Stadium

    1. Thanks for the correction. To me it will always be Green Point Stadium, just grown up a bit. See the new post title in a few minutes , lol!

  2. Love the post..The Stadium looks amazing.

    1. Thank you Ana!

  3. Green Point Stadium is the semi demolished venue next door to Cape Town stadium.

  4. […] We are excited about the relationship developing between SAIL Stadefrance and Lava Ink and very pleased that they are keen to use us for future events. I’m proud to say that we’ve received a letter of appreciation from the famous Morne Du Plessis himself , as well as a medal for the soccer festival which was held at the Cape Town Stadium. […]

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