The t shirt selling concept- a key ingredient.

I’m an avid reader of This cauldron-esque hub of t shirt chatter is where I keep up to date with the latest garment printing tech and t shirt info- plus it’s a great interactive area for picking the brains of the  both experienced and newbies.

So, yesterday I was reading about the “tips of starting a clothing brand” and there was some good advice given. I found the following comment by Mike from Imahottee to be the “tip of the thread” because this, from my experience with t shirt start-ups, is the key ingredient to being a successful t shirt brand:

You should have something that makes you different, and should be able to describe it in a single sentence. In addition to running my shop, my day job is reading scripts for movie studios. In Hollywood, they call that something different “the unique attractor,” or The Hook. “Ghostbusters” has a great hook, for example; so did “Back to the Future” and “Jaws.”

So if you take a look at the different huge tee companies out there – Busted Tees, T-Shirt Hell – they’ve both got easy one-sentence pitches. Whether or not you like their stuff, it’s hard to deny the power such a resource has for marketing and branding purposes. I always knew I wanted to have a humor tee company, for example, so I decided to do only clean humor to set myself apart. The company’s called I’m a Hot Tee, and our slogan’s “Hot Tees You Can Take Home to Mom!” So it’s a pun and it’s memorable – two other things that can really go a long way.

What it means is understand your concept; stick to it and build your whole brand around it, even especially if it’s controversial.

Check out these great sites and see if you can regognise their excellent concepts:


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