Lava guide to starting your own t shirt business – Define your target market.

Defining your target market

There is a heap of info out there about target markets but most simply put – you need to define who your customers will be. The trick is to target groups of people and make your t shirts appealing to them. Here are a few examples of target markets:

  • people between the ages of 16 -30 who like surfing, coming from households of a middle income group (Billabong)
  • people between 16- 35 from South Africa who have a good sense humour (laugh it off).
  • Students between the ages of 17 – 25 who listens to hip-hop music.

People in similar age groups; similar beliefs; similar cultures and so forth, are most likely to be interested in similar things. You need to identify these groups by doing a demographic analysis or other kind of research. A great site to get information about age, race and gender population of South Africa is from Statistics South Africa . Having this information will help you establish where to sell your t shirts; which gender to cater for and so forth.It is all about knowing where to throw your net to get the biggest catch.


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