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Straight from the LavaLab, these 230 gram ladies tops are creatively fresh and make a bold statement with its shocking pink trims. Loudgear (our client) designed these tops to ensure  that the Queens of  Tugwell Hall at UCT are hip and happening – but this was a task intensive process that had us biting our nails right up to the last minute because of its extremely tight deadline.

Here’s a summarized version of what happened:

  1. We developed patterns from scratch according to the client’s specification and size curve
  2. sourced 230 gram ribbed fabric (black) at a price that was good enough to maintain the client’s budget
  3. dyed the pink fabric according to clients specification
  4. supplied fit samples
  5. processed artwork for screen printing
  6. processed artwork for digitizing
  7. cut and soabarred the garment panels to ensure that all panels and sizes were easily identifiable
  8. pre-planned printing and embroidery to ensure consistency in  colours for printed and embroidered finishes i.e. the print colours had to match the embroidered colours.
  9. also ensuring that the sizing of the print and embroidered logos were suitable for all the garment sizes (small to 3 Xlarge)
  10. sent the appropriate panels for printing (2 colours sleeve, 2 colours back)
  11. sent the panels for embroidery
  12. assembled the garments
  13. quality checked and removed rejects
  14. ironed and flat-packed
  15. re-did  all rejects.

All of this in 16 days.

The result is a beautifully mass produced garment that could be mistaken for something that was bought from a designer store like YDE or Lacoste.

PS. Apologies for the low quality images

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  2. Please quote on 30 of these shirts.

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