What’s cooking?

2 colours, screen printed on the front
2 colours, screen printed on the back

Recipe for these great, 100 % customised t shirts

  • Excellent ingredients
  • Good preparation
  • Perfect timing
  • Garnish to perfection

Excellent ingredients

We used a 180 gram combed cotton pfd (prepared for dyeing) fabric.  This means that the fabric is in a raw state and can be dyed to any colour you may require. We chose the 180 gram which is a heavier weighted fabric and is great for retail and uniform wear because of its durability.

Good preparation

When using pfd fabrics for pantone specific dyeing, prepare dye samples for all the sizes as shrinkage will occur. This is due to the dyeing and drying process used. By dyeing these samples first and  measuring the shrinkage, you can adjust your sizes accordingly before dyeing the production, to ensure that your sizing is correct.  You also need to make sure that the colour matches the pantone.

Perfect timing

When working to a strict deadline and a process int

ensive product, like these garments for Urban Salads, you need to be confident in your suppliers. They must deliver what they say and when they say.  When doing work for corporates the value of time often trumps the value of quality – and this is wrong. The trick is to not put all your eggs in one basket. Work with a range of  best suppliers – service and delivery is much more valuable than saving a few Rands per garment. Use those who stick to their promises and you will deliver on time.

Garnish to perfection

Ensure that the sizing, location and colours of the logos are correct. Build a good relation with your printer and make sure that they are thinkers and care about the end result, as if the product belongs to them.

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6 thoughts on “What’s cooking?

  1. I want something similar to this.good quality for retail fashion wear. Rushdeen pls assist

  2. Hi Motse, no problem, just fill in our contact form here http://www.lavaink.co.za/contact-us/ .

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  4. what is the difference between carded and combed cotton?
    Is your 165gram good for a fashion t-shirt/retail.billabong, makipkip quality?

  5. I am looking for a cost of screen printed caps, t-shirts, golf shirts and fleeces. What is your miminum order on all the above and cost per unit? I am looking for Navy or lighter blues for all. Please let me know soonest prices so I can place my order accordingly. Payment details required.

    Thank you
    Heidi Livaditakis

    1. Hi there Heidi, please fill in our form on the contact and and orders page or alternatively call us on 021 761 4389

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