Thrilling hoodies !!!

Love Sharks? Love Carcharias Clothing!

About Carcharias:

Born in the South African town of Gansbaai (widely accepted as the great white shark capital of the world), Carcharias Clothing is a unique clothing brand inspired by the oceans apex predator, carcharadon carcharias – the great white shark. The fundamental concept was to raise awareness to the great white shark and other marine species throughout South Africa, through a unique clothing range inspired by the great white shark, we now offer a wide selection of hats, long sleeve t-shirts, short sleeve t-shirts, jackets and swimwear for ladies, men and kids alike. Carcharias Clothing In 2008 the company was passed on to Oceans, an organisation dedication to marine research and conservation throughout Southern Africa.

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How creative is this?

Using a trim to decorate a garment and getting an effect that expresses your brand. A simple idea- add black and white triangle ribbon to the hood of this garment and it makes it look as if a shark is biting your head off -sheer genius!

Get these awesome hooded sweatshirts direct from Carcharias Clothing!

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