Start a clothing label- no experience needed!

If you read through this blog you will notice that most of my posts are about work that we’ve done for other companies. This is because Lava Ink is not like other clothing firms – we do not sell our own designs. We are a garment engineering company and our product is our connections, experience and knowledge. We make it possible for anyone to start a label without having  the the knowledge about processes, suppliers or service providers.

So you have this great idea for a t shirt label and you want to give it a go to see what returns you can get. You feel a bit scared to take the plunge because you don’t know if the idea will flop? Which t shirts to choose? How should the artwork be prepared? Which processes to use? How do you choose a reliable printing company? All these questions can make you doubt yourself. This is where Lava Ink  comes in. We take away all the hassles and make your idea a reality.

So what do we get out of the deal? Lava ink has a rep status with all of the suppliers we use. Which means we get special discounts from these suppliers and service providers and all we do is add our mark-up to their cost and level it out so that you pay the price for the products, if you had gone to them directly. We save you time because you don’t have to run around sourcing all the inputs and give you peace of mind because we only use the best service providers to do the work. This applies to manufactured products as well.

At Lava Ink our main purpose is to bridge the gap between the client (which is you) and the Industry. It’s like owning a clothing business and employing all the right people without all the overheads.


32 thoughts on “Start a clothing label- no experience needed!

  1. yes i would like to be seriously involve into this business.

  2. i really need to open a clothing label but really i have the questions that makes it hard for me to fullfil my dreams. the label is based on t-shirt printing can i get the necessary info plz, where,when and who to contract.

    1. Hi Morris, please give me a call. My name ids Rushdeen and my number is 0828471854.

  3. Good day Rushdeen i would like to set an appointment with you!
    i would like to open my own label and you seem to be the person i was looking for!
    good reception!

  4. I am a born artist, my dream is to design t-shirts, i have really great ideas, and looking forward to opening my own business and doing what I love. Please give me more, marketing, exposure, as i am 19 years old, dont have much finance to start up,looking forward to your response

    1. Hi Kyle if you have the talent, we have to develop it. The first thing is to get your designs onto paper. You also need to establish how much exactly you have to spend on developing your t shirt range. Once you have this info, we can take it further. Please email me at

  5. Thank you for the blog,I’ve always wanted to start something clothing related but my fear was that i dont study designs or have any fashion experience so i’m greatfull to have you guys.

    So what are the basics requiremnts for one to start a label/range?

    Thank you for your assistance and hope that my plea will reach your favorable consideration.

    1. Hi Bongani. The must have a vision of what you want to do. you can leave the rest up to us.

  6. Hi Lovemore,

    Thanks for your enquiry. I know that printing labels or tags requires specialized machinery. The best people to ask about this is a company called colorscreen (this is the correct spelling) based in Paarden Eiland in Cape Town.

  7. hi, i want to start a brand, that will mostly be based on t-shirts designs and prints. i am looking for a company to tailor my graphic t-shirt designs and p;rints,.can your company help and one more thing how does the prices/ quotes goes regarding a supply of blank t-shirts

    1. Hi Thabane, please send me your number and will contact you.

  8. Hi, I would like to start a clothing label but i have nno idea on how to go about the registration and processes…. kindly advise

  9. Hai m the one of many others who is willing to start a clothing range but the problem is i dont even know the basics of designing or even sewing bt m working on my logo there is someone who could also guide me in registering my label pls dont hesitate to send me msges of emailz using address below by the way my nawe is sphesihle in durban

    1. Hi Sphe, as previously explained to Lihaiwa you can register your brand as a company and you will automatically have intellectual rights over the brand. That’s the only way we do it as we don’t have anyone registering a brand. As for sewing and other processes to manufacture your products, you will have to be mentored by someone who has knowledge or take a course at a place like Cape Town University of Technology or perhaps some institution closer to you.



    1. Hi Lihaiwa, you can register your brand as a company and you will automatically have intellectual rights over the brand. That’s the only way we do it as we don’t have anyone registering a brand. Good luck!

  11. Hi guys!!!… Your company sounds really reliable… I would like to start up a clothing label… I have the perfect name, perfect logo and the idea is to manufacture t-shirts, jeans and underwear… your advice would highly be appreciated…

  12. Hi Rushdeen, i’m in the process of registering my clothing range/cc with the CIPC. I’m busy with the savings to kick start my company. So I would need your assistance, as you have all the connections. The clothing range is something for the south African youth market. The name itself is got a South Africa Flavour. What I wanna know is:
    1. With the connections that you have, do the t-shirts, shirts, caps, and jeans come printed from your connections with my design?
    2. Or I have to sew my own clothing (which I can’t).
    3. I want something where I will be able to give you a prototype of my designs, and you do the printing.

    I want the range to hit the stores atleast by october/ november. Please assist.

    Best Regards
    Floyd Nkuna
    Cell: 072 558 7474

    1. Hi Floyd,my response to your questions:

      1. With the connections that you have, do the t-shirts, shirts, caps, and jeans come printed from your connections with my design?
      Whatever you want us to do. Yes, we can have everything branded with your designs.
      2. Or I have to sew my own clothing (which I can’t).
      We can manufacture the labels for you and insert them providing that you manufacture the garments with us.
      3. I want something where I will be able to give you a prototype of my designs, and you do the printing.
      Yes that is possible.

      Please contact us if you need further assistance

  13. Hey Rushdeen,

    have funky and fresh idea for clothing line,
    give me a call

  14. i would also like to start up my own label,but am not realy financialy able, i have ideas, have logos, have a name,what steps am i to take?
    who do i consult/

    1. Well if you’re serious, the best thing to do is create a business plan and present it possible investors. It doesn’t have to be a financial institution, it can be family or friends. Work out the numbers about what potential sales you can make and what return you can get and maybe someone will go into partnership with you. I am willing to help you with processes and other advice. Good luck.

  15. hi, do you only do t-shirts? also do you deal with retailers and boutiques?

    1. Hi Lungi, yes we definitely deal with boutiques but we mostly work with knitted fabrics. If you would like to see if we can assist you please contact us.

  16. Hi Rushdeen
    Me and my partners want to start a clothing label but none of us have experience. We have just designed a logo and are busy with a business plan. We are in North West and would like to use your services. Is that possible? If yes, then what are the price quotations for your services? And lastly, if I send u our designes, how long would it take to do samples?

    1. Hi Tumi, please send fill in our contact form and will help you. That’s what we do!

  17. Hi, I am Makwarela Nditsheni Michael and I’m 18 years old, i was born artist and when i was doing my grade 7 in 2006 i came up with this other logo and gave it a name, from then upto now that logo and name still runs in me, its part of me and now i feel that its time i publish it, so i just need a helping hand as lm inexperienced… So could you please please help me???

    1. Hi Makwarela Nditsheni Michael, please give us a call or send me an email on and I will gladly advise you.Rushdeen

  18. Im busy ryt now knitting scarfs which has a gud market. I also want 2 start my own label. Help

  19. Hey Rashdeen Chris here in PE. I am doing my Btech in Management and I can sketch And my partner is studying Law and we both have passion for fashion. We would like to start a fashion company were we will open a retail store. We already have our brand name……. Now my question is: Is a business plan in the fashion industry different compared to other industries and if so is it possible if u can send us guidelines and samples.

  20. Hi, Bafana over here. So i have revolutionary designs in my head and can swe from scratch.Is it possible for me to make a sample t-shirt and send it to a factory so that it can be replicated into many so that i can supply stores?.

    1. Hi Bafana please contact us via email and lets stir the pot

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