Woolies employee t shirts- custom made by Lava Ink.

Here’s proof that home-based businesses are serious contenders in South Africa.These t shirts are part of an ongoing order that Lava Ink has been doing for Woolworths Financial  Services.

Woolies  is a no-nonsense  client and powerhouse of  the South African Clothing and “everything else” Industry, has left this all important task of looking smart up to us… lavaink.co.za , a small home-based business. Now ain’t that great?


Who else uses Lava Ink?

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4 thoughts on “Woolies employee t shirts- custom made by Lava Ink.

    1. Very busy buddy! Can’t even check comments. Must hooks up!!!!!!!!!

  1. I was wondering if you do small order printing, i.e. only looking to have 8 shirts printed? Or do you only do large order corporate type printing?

    1. Hi Tracy, thanks for the comment. We do not do less than 100 units for printing. Please try Martingraphix 😉

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