Cheap Chinese imports kills client!



What’s up with all these freak’n price increases by suppliers? We’ve just lost a client because of our steep price increase since last year-that’s when she ordered her first batch.  It has become so bad that we are too scared to change the price list of our combo printing (imported t shirts + printing) on the site  because it becomes obsolete even before we’ve uploaded it.

Well, we can’t do anything about that because the eastern bubble also seems to be on the brink of bursting and all those “greedies” who went all gaga on the imports are starting to consider local manufacturing for various reasons that I don’t care for. The only problem is that if there should be a return to local manufacturing…will there still be any factories around to handle the workload? The fact is that cheap imports are not cheap anymore and I hope that our manufacturing industry will benefit.

Well Lava Ink only supplies the imports to those clients who demand it but our core product- which is the coolest t shirts in South Africa and has the perfect fit- is the only product that we recommend. Yes the price is a bit higher than the imports but what do you get?

You get:

  1. A locally produced product by a manufacturer that produces for the likes of  Truworths (shhht, don’t know if I’m allowed to blog that)
  2. A medium fit t shirt which is good for the guys and gals,
  3. A 165 gram combed fabric that looks and feels awesome,
  4. A retail quality product,
  5. A choice of neck ribbing or binding,
  6. A crazy amount of colours to choose from,
  7. Because we manufacture them bespoke, you can have a label inserted.


Please enquire about all the other local products that we produce such as hoodies, sweatshirts, track-tops ballet clothing,v-neck t shirts and anything you can think of.



2 thoughts on “Cheap Chinese imports kills client!

  1. Thanks for the helpful info.
    Like you say we can enquire about “anything you can think of…”
    I’d like to enquire about maternity shirts. Something very plain, no picture, but obviously cut a bit bigger in the front to accomodate a growing belly.
    No fancy collar, no buttons…..just plain.
    Would you be able to manufacture those?
    I can send you a picture as an example.

    Looking forward to hearing from you

    1. Hello Ilze,

      Yes we can definitely help you with those. Please send a pic to so that the nice lady can quote you. It’s even better if you fill in our contact form.

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