Next generation direct to garment printing now available!

Take a deep breath, it has finally arrived – the next generation digital printing is amazing and it’s going to advance our abilities to create crazy, super-cool prints. What is amazing is that you can do as little as 5 garments at a time, which is a bit costly – I admit.

It becomes much more reasonable and on par with screen printing costs when you do orders of 100 and up.

For the jeans image you may be asking….where’s the print? Well the jeans is the print! It’s printed onto a black piece of cloth and it looks so realistic. This result cannot be achieved with screen printing.

The colours are vibrant and the handle of the finished print is soft and flexible. The printer now has a white cartridge which means direct to garment printing for dark fabrics as well. In the past we were forced to print onto vinyl and then heat apply the vinyl to the t shirt.

If you know about garment printing inks you would think that this machine would need to use plastisol inks to prevent clogging but it doesn’t ; instead it uses water-based inks which gives it the soft feel.

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  1. please send me a quote on the dtg product.

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