Clothing design made easy using 3D software.

Just came accross this amazing sofware from a company called CLO3D by CLO Virtual Fashion Inc.

There are many,many advantages to a product like this because it simplifies and accelerates the design process by decreasing the trial and error time of the pattern and sample making process-a huge headache to many of us working in the industry.

Once again there are too many advantages to mention and thus I’ve attached a short video to give you an idea of how cool this software is.

This could well be a part of the salvation our clothing industry needs, as it allows anyone with a flair for fashion, to be a fashion designer.  Think of it as a freelance fashion design tool that enables a person with good ideas to start their own clothing label with minimum knowledge about pattern development. They can see their finished designs on a 3d model and do instant alterations to the colours, fabrics, styling and patterns.

Wonder why I haven’t seen it in South Africa yet? I think they should get a rep down here 😉


Fashion Design: Draping & Variation from marvelousdesigner on Vimeo.

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