Baseball jacket design ideas

Baseball jackets are the hottest trend right now and should be part of your range if you’re into urban/ street wear or catering for high school and university students.

They seem to be the most popular guide for creating matric jackets at the moment.

Don’t you dare design them big and frumpy like those old, baggy american football jackets- that’s just sick-in the bad way.

To look good, they must be designed slim – and be creative with your colours, branding and fabrics.

The traditional fabrics for these jackets are a malton bodice with leather sleeves. These are okay but be creative and use other fabrics like triacetate and brushed fleece.

Here are a few deigns that I’ve found online for males and females which I think are cool.

Remember….we can manufacture any of these styles in our LavaLab, so feel free to contact us if you’d like a quote.


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