How to add perceived quality to your clothing product

There are different ways to create brand recognition for clothing products….if the aim is to achieve a clothing label like those represented by the swoosh/tick  or 3 stripes.

You can get a famous person to wear your product and give it instant fame and recognition.

You can advertise like crazy through the various types of media, including social. This will help you keep your label on the minds and tongues of your target market

..or you can provide a product that has a unique identity and which convey’s a sense of quality, which is designed into your product through fabrics, styling and trims. This option makes your product memorable because it portrays value.

Many clients who come to us know exactly what they want for there label but they always seem to leave out the trims part, which ultimately takes a product from a promotional-type product to a retail-type product,

Here are a few types of trim ideas which could add lots of perceived value to your product.

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