Yuck Clothing….Define yourself!

This is one of our clients who GIVE LOVE to our smaller CMTs and printers here in Cape Town. This is what it’s all about- these guys are showing that even though there have been so many retrenchments, liquidations and short-time, a spark exists in our youth, which is an entrepreneurial spirit which cannot be doused. Their products are  local through all its stages of manufacturing, so YUCK CLOTHING is feeding South Africans, please support and define yourself! Awe!!!!



Our Mission:

To become Cape Town’s most recognised street-wear clothing brand, help with job creation, and supply our customers with a unique product inspired by Cape Town.

Our Vision:

We envision a brand defined by the colourful, vibrant, multi-cultured lifestyle unique to Cape Town, creating and designing apparel, that meets the need of our unique lifestyle and our desire to express and define ourselves through clothing.

Unisex Red Ltd SlantMens' Navy Blue Hoodie

3 thoughts on “Yuck Clothing….Define yourself!

  1. Hi Guys,

    This is so cool, I really appreciate the support.

    LavaInk has been instrumental in our operation,

    LavaInk’s dedication and commitment together with the ability to execute, effectively and efficiently has been key to our operation as we aim to meet the needs our unique lifestyle here in Cape Town, and If we can keep one person from unemployment through our efforts, then we partner LavaInk without that success.

    Marlon Marinus
    Company Director
    Yuck Clothing (pty) ltd

  2. hi my name is Anthony aka DEEJAY KILLA i really like your clothing line,im interested in purchasing some of your lines and even promoting your line if i may,i do alot of hip hop gigs and parties and i play at
    various clubs in Cape Town.How do i purchase?
    cell 0732424550

    1. Hi Anthony, please send your request to sales@lavaink.co.za

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