Our new blog format, it’s all about manufacturing!

Is it ever too late to redefine oneself or does first impressions last?

Lavaink has been alive for about seven years now and our blog posts mainly consists of arb bits of information about the jobs we’ve done and some theoretical advice about clothing and branding.
Mostly to reassure our client that we knew what we were doing and that it was safe to buy from our business that is located in virtual reality. This format will now be changed because the confidence is there and South Africans know that websites are businesses that can be trusted.

It is also an exciting time for our clothing industry as the US highlight’s its disapproval to the slave labour conditions in Asia after multiple tragedies in the Bangladeshi clothing industry which forced the breaking of trade agreements between the two countries . This move will cause repercussions as the EU will have to follow suit due to the fact that the major clothing labels in the EU, actually originate from the US. The same trade agreements governs our economy so it is likely that South Africa will be affected by this move. Which is great for our industry as it means that the Asian continent will have to improve on working conditions which means that prices will increase, which in turn gives our clothing industry a chance to recover. We wish to be a part of this change through providing information that can help this recovery.

The Lavaink blog will now become a hub of information about everything that influences our clothing industry. It will give a load of theoretical knowledge about textiles from fibre to finished product. We will also start mapping out the clothing industry to make it accessible for everyone who wants to start a clothing label.We also offer free consultations and advise for small to medium clothing factories or CMT’s.

If you would like to contribute on the lavaink blog feel free to contact us.


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