Smart Networks

CMT factory work orders

We create the connections between CMTs or Cut Make Trim factories and retailers. These retailers may include the entities in Cape Town and South Africa but we prefer that our SMME/ CMT work with boutiques all over the country.

There are two options when it comes to forging a new partnership with a retailer:

a) The CMT makes a range of products using its own finance and displays it in the retail store. In this option, the CMT pays for everything such as fabric, labour and trims. In other words, it becomes its own retailer, filling space in someone else’s store. The store owner then simply adds a predetermined markup for store usage. The store owner is, therefore free of all manufacturing and sourcing activities.

b) The CMT simply produces with the resources the boutique’s or store owner provides all the inputs or components such as fabric, trims and other accessories.




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