Col 145 gram combo

145 gram colour

Use the tables below to calculate the cost of your printed t shirts.

  • Use table 1. to calculate the cost of  your first print and the t shirt. Look at the amount of colours on your artwork/logo/wording and select the appropriate price according the the amount of t shirts you require.
  • Then table 2. to calculate the costs of any additional printing you may require.

Colour 145 gram carded cotton t shirts (S-3XL)* this price includes the first print*

1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 4 Col 5 Col 6 Col
30-50 R 51.56 R 62.23 R 68.93 R 76.92 R 83.11 R 89.86
51-100 R 47.34 R 51.71 R 56.08 R 60.44 R 65.10 R 70.04
101-250 R 41.65 R 44.43 R 46.83 R 49.41 R 52.31 R 55.34
250-500 R 39.10 R 40.88 R 42.41 R 44.06 R 45.38 R 47.14
501-1000 R 34.43 R 35.71 R 37.12 R 37.54 R 39.37 R 40.78
1000plus R 32.64 R 33.54 R 34.35 R 35.13 R 36.37 R 37.40

Prices can be negotiated further from above 2500 units.

Available colours:  black, navy blue, royal blue, sky blue, turquoise, lime green, yellow, orange, bottle green and grey melange.

For each extra print, look at the amount of colours and add the appropriate price.

1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 4 Col 5 Col 6 Col
30 R 13.26 R 19.11 R 24.99 R 31.12 R 37.43 R 41335
51 R 10.31 R 14.15 R 17.98 R 21.81 R 25.90 R 30.22
101 R 7.78 R 10.21 R 12.32 R 14.59 R 17.13 R 19.78
250 R 6.42 R 7.98 R 9.32 R 10.77 R 11.93 R 13.47
501 R 5.83 R 6.95 R 8.19 R 8.56 R 10.17 R 11.40
1000 R 5.14 R 5.93 R 6.64 R 7.32 R 8.41 R 9.31

The Price you see is the price you pay and it includes the following:

  • Colour 145gram carded cotton t shirt.
  • The print.
  • all set-up charges
  • National economy delivery (not for below 100 units)

11 thoughts on “Col 145 gram combo

  1. what is the price of plain coloured t-shirt

    1. Hi Lionel, it depends on the type of t shirt that you want.

  2. Hey, how exactly do i calculate this? i want 30 tshirts with just a two coloured print on the front. does that mean i just look at the 1st price and multiply that by 30?

    1. Salaam Ashiq, first you look at the rows for the amount of t shirts that you want -which would be the 30-50 row and then you look at the columns which in your case will be the 2 colour column. Where the 30- 50 and 2 col row occupies the same space would be the cost for one t shirt. The price in your case would be R 62.23/garment. So 30 t shirts would cost 30 x R62.23. If you need further assistance please use our contact form and we will quote you.

  3. hi, do you also print if i provide my own tshirts? and if so, what does that do with the pricing?

    lets says i have 30 tshirts, 4 colours. 8,8,8 and 6 of each. with 3 designs that i want printed. so 10 prints of each design? I hope i have explained myself properly.

    I am trying to start up a tshirt business with someone and we’re fishing around for prices.

  4. hi there,

    please can you quote me on 50 Tshirts.

    i need 30 black with a small plain white logo on front
    and 20 white with a small black logo on front.



    1. Hi Sean, sorry for the late reply but we only accept quote requests on our contact and orders page. Please fill it in and we will quote you ASAP.

  5. Hi,

    I’m still waiting on some feedback from my comment on 19 October.

  6. Hi Rushdeen.
    Do you also do the label in the back, on the inside of the shirts? If not, could you please direct met to a place that might be able to help me with that as well as a place that can do some sowing and embroidery? I will contact you soon in regards to my order! Can I have my screen after the printing has been done?

  7. What is the cost of printing on already purchased cycling gear, (trisuit)?

    1. Hi Candice, sorry for only replying now. Please fill in the form on tha contact and orders page

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