Col 165 gram combo

165 gram colour

Use the tables below to calculate the cost of your printed t shirts.

  • Use table 1. to calculate the cost of  your first print and the t shirt. Look at the amount of colours on your artwork/logo/wording and select the appropriate price according the the amount of t shirts you require.
  • Then table 2. to calculate the costs of any additional printing you may require.

Colour 165 gram COMBED cotton t shirts (S-3XL)* this price includes the first print*

1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 4 Col 5 Col 6 Col
30-50 R 75.28 R 81.94 R 88.65 R 95.64 R 102.83 R 109.58
51-100 R 63.92 R 68.29 R 72.66 R 77.02 R 81.68 R 86.62
101-250 R 55.03 R 57.81 R 60.21 R 62.79 R 62.27 R 68.72
250-500 R 51.48 R 53.26 R 54.79 R 56.44 R 57.76 R 59.52
501-1000 R 45.81 R 47.08 R 48.50 R 48.92 R 50.75 R 52.16
1000plus R 41.02 R 41.92 R 42.73 R 43.51 R 45.75 R 46.78

Prices can be negotiated further from above 2500 units.

Available colours: black, bottle, grey melange, lime, maroon, navy, red, royal, stone,, yellow

For each extra print, look at the amount of colours and add the appropriate price.

1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 4 Col 5 Col 6 Col
30 R 13.26 R 19.11 R 24.99 R 31.12 R 37.43 R 41335
51 R 10.31 R 14.15 R 17.98 R 21.81 R 25.90 R 30.22
101 R 7.78 R 10.21 R 12.32 R 14.59 R 17.13 R 19.78
250 R 6.42 R 7.98 R 9.32 R 10.77 R 11.93 R 13.47
501 R 5.83 R 6.95 R 8.19 R 8.56 R 10.17 R 11.40
1000 R 5.14 R 5.93 R 6.64 R 7.32 R 8.41 R 9.31

The Price you see is the price you pay and it includes the following:

  • Colour 165gram retail quality,semi-combed cotton t shirt (regular fit).
  • The print.
  • all set-up charges
  • National economy delivery (not for below 100 units)

14 thoughts on “Col 165 gram combo

  1. How much would a bulk of a 100-1000 Coloured blank t-shirts cost? please send me quote.

    David Bezuidenhout

    1. Dear David please fill in our contact page and some one will quote you ASAP.

  2. Hi!

    Would it be possible to do once off prints?
    I’d like to do the printing myself but I’ve absolutely no knowledge of the process.
    Also what would the costs involved be for such prints?



    1. Thanks for the enquiry. Please send us the design and will can quote you.

  3. Hi there.

    I am confused with the sizing. lets say I order 50 t shirts. Could I split up the sizes to be 10 Small, 20 Medium and 20 Large?

  4. Good day,
    I am looking at starting my own line of T-shirts, and I want to align myself with a reputable and reliable supplier of quality shirt manufacturers, and printers.

    What ‘cuts’ do you offer in mens T-shirts, ‘slim-fit’?
    Are you able to customise cuts and T-shirt designs?
    What forms of printing do you do?
    Can you do any embroidery, velvet, rhinestone or ‘glitter’?
    Do you stick to conventional colours, or are you able to customise colours accordingly?

    Kind regards,


  5. Hi

    I would like a quote on 31000 sky and khaki t-shirts with a one color print please get back to me asap

    1. Hi Katelin, please fill in a contact and orders form for this request

  6. How much will it cost me for 1000 T Shirts

    Kind regards
    Don Novinsky

  7. Hi,

    I want to start off with a short run. What is the shortest run you do?

    What ‘cuts’ do you offer in mens and female T-shirts, ‘slim-fit’?
    Could you print on T-shirts that I get?
    What forms of printing do you do?
    Can you do any embroidery?
    Do you stick to conventional colours, or are you able to customise colours accordingly?

    Kind regards,


  8. Christine Revell Children’s home is a residential facility for 49 children younger than 5 years old that come from backgrounds of abuse, abandonment and neglect.

    We need 10 T shirts with our logo and name on to be used for Marketing the home at a Awareness Campaign. Can you print black on white T shirt – Christine Revell Children’s Home with our logo in yellow print. We need it by Thursday next week.
    2 x X small (3-4 year old as a sample for further printing for the children)
    2 x small
    4 x medium
    6 x large
    2 x Xlarge

    Send me your direct email so that I can process the logo to you.

  9. Good day ,
    I’ve been trying to call the number on the website without any success.
    I want to get quotes for hoodies and t-shirts.
    Can you please give me a direct email address.

    1. Hi Zola. Sorry that you never got through to our landlines-there’s no reason for that to happen because we have someone there all the time. Please send an email to

  10. Hi Rushdeen
    I would like to get qoutes from blank t-shirts, colour printing to delivery. Please send them on my e-mail:
    I sent an e-mail last month and u didn’t respond.

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