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  1. i’m looking to get a one-off t-shirt printed for myself.

    i just wanted to find out the cost, and the image specification requirements.

    if i want a colour image about the size of an A4 page printed onto the front of a t-shirt, how big does the image need to be? pixels? and the DPI?

  2. Hi, I’m looking to get 7/8 hoodies screen printed. I have a design ready, but I just need to know how long it takes and how much it’s going to cost?

    1. Hi Chris, please submit this request via our contact form. One of our lovely ladies will assist you.

  3. can you please quote me for 50 white slim fit t-shirts med
    with foll colour print.
    25 black sweaters med.
    25 white sweaters med.
    100 mesh baseball caps black.

  4. Hi, i would like to know what the costs involved would be for your All Occassions Blanket,(black fleece blanket) in one colour branding? What are the delivery costs invovled too?

    1. Hi Jill. I will forward your request to our sales lady and ask her to contact you about all the details.

  5. hi i am starting a clothing line and would like to put my logo on 50 hoodies 25 black 25 white please could you let me know how much it would cost and how long it would take. do you guys have pink hoodies available as well?

    1. Hi Nazli,

      Please contact us via our contact form or email the sales consultant on Taufeeqah will assist you.

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