Screen Printing

  • Min 50 units (when only printing is required) .
  • Excludes delivery charges.
  • Excludes set up charges (R165,00 / colour/once off)

Units 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 4 Col 5 Col 6 Col
20-60 R 13.25 R 13.75 R 14.50 R 15.00 R 15.25 R 15.75
61-120 R 12.25 R 12.50 R 13.00 R 13.63 R 14.25 R 14.75
121-350 R 11.25 R 11.50 R 12.13 R 12.63 R 13.25 R 14.00
351-500 R 10.38 R 11.00 R 11.63 R 12.25 R 13.00 R 13.25
501-1000 R 9.50 R 9.88 R 10.50 R 11.13 R 11.75 R 12.38
1001-2000 R 8.88 R 9.50 R 10.13 R 10.75 R 11.38 R 12.00
2001-5000 R 8.38 R 9.00 R 9.38 R 10.00 R 10.63 R 11.25
5000+ R 7.38 R 7.94 R 8.63 R 9.25 R 9.88 R 10.50

11 thoughts on “Screen Printing

  1. Hallo we would like to do printing on white t-shirts
    a logo on the front its going to be +- 290 x 290mm

    the logo is black and white

  2. Hi there,

    Would like to receive a quote from you for Pink print on a Black shirt. Would it be possible to have only approximately 10-15 shirts printed?

    Thank you in advance.

  3. Hi
    I would like to receive a quote from you for a black shirt with silver print as well as a white shirt with purple print. Would it be possible to have 20-25 shirts printed?


    1. Hi Ruvie, pleasubmit your request on our contacts page 🙂

  4. i am at St Goerges grammar school in mobray, in grade 11 and i need matric jackets made for next year 2011

    37 bassball type jackets and 3 samples
    Costom names and different sizes
    gold and yellow printing
    the jacket is a bassball type with grey sleeves and black body

    Can you help?
    Cell 0795365460

  5. Hi,

    We’ve just finalised our summer / december designs for our local mini club. Looking at the above table of prices VS quantity, do you print anything less than 100 slim fit tshirts?
    am looking for 50 tshirts??

    Can you kindly advice

  6. Hey my name is john im currently starting a new tshirt business and would like to know what your best prices are? At the moment i can buy white tshirts for R14 incl VAT

    1. Hi John, R14 is an excellent price for t shirts but I dont think that those would be suitable for retail purposes. It sounds like you are talking about a 145 gram regular cut t shirt that is imported. We cannot beat that price because we offer a different quality for retailing.

  7. Dear Rushdeen

    Does your colour set up fee (Once off) mean that it is per design. What happens if I have a few designs?

    Is the amount of shirts that needs to be printed per design or per amount of tees?

    Which shirts do you do that is in retail for me to go look at your work? Or can I come and see you?


    1. Hi Faith, thanks for the enquiry. We charge per colour per design. So if you design is comprised of 4 different colours, you’ll be charged 4 set-up costs. If you have 2 designs, both with 4 colours in them (even if it is the same colours in both designs, you will be charged for 8 set-up charges. Hope this clears it up…if not, please contact us an we will explain more. Have a great day!

  8. hI guys! I am in search of a reliable supplier for slim fit t shirts and i think my search is over. I am based in Botswana,Gaborone.

    Please email me your prices to

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