Looking for help to start up your clothing factory?

In the current economic climate, the greatest hurdle to starting your own clothing factory may in-fact be a lack of confidence, not money. Just tune into SAFM daily and you will hear the Incentives SA ad announcing that our government wants to fuel job creation. They are eager to fund your business, especially if your […]

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Our new blog format, it’s all about manufacturing!

Is it ever too late to redefine oneself or does first impressions last? Lavaink has been alive for about seven years now and our blog posts mainly consists of arb bits of information about the jobs we’ve done and some theoretical advice about clothing and branding. Mostly to reassure our client that we knew what […]

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Quality control for the clothing manufacturer.

Quality means that  customer needs are to be satisfied. Failure to maintain an adequate quality standard can therefore be unsuccessful. But maintaining an adequate standard of quality also costs effort. From the first investigation to find out what the potential customer for a new product really wants, through the processes of design, specification, controlled manufacture […]

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Yuck Clothing….Define yourself!

This is one of our clients who GIVE LOVE to our smaller CMTs and printers here in Cape Town. This is what it’s all about- these guys are showing that even though there have been so many retrenchments, liquidations and short-time, a spark exists in our youth, which is an entrepreneurial spirit which cannot be […]

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The best of the vest!

These vests are for the  FilmSoc guys at UCT who take their muscle bulging seriously, even in the heart of Autumn. Cape Town weather rocks even when it shouldn’t (they know it) and that’s why I love this place. Made of all-feeder cotton-lycra, these can be classified as unisex because they’re really snug, comfy and […]

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How to add perceived quality to your clothing product

There are different ways to create brand recognition for clothing products….if the aim is to achieve a clothing label like those represented by the swoosh/tick  or 3 stripes. You can get a famous person to wear your product and give it instant fame and recognition. You can advertise like crazy through the various types of media, […]

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One20 fitness embroidered polo shirts

Check out our webstore  for more stock products like these. We have products with male and female versions which means everyone looks good. We’ve embroidered these which gives that expensive and classy touch to the garment. Share this on WhatsApp

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Witbank Matric jackets

These matric jackets were ordered from Witbank and they came out great. C’mon guys it isn’t too late to have your jackets made up. Specs Fabric : 240 gram Fleece Colour: Royal blue Branding: Embroidery Fit : Unisex Share this on WhatsApp

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St John’s College : Generation Earth

St Johns:

Tried calling you today to say that our overalls finally arrived this morning and they are fantastic!
The guys loved them and they asked me to pass on a big thank you to you.
They definitely went off as a big hit! We may end up wearing them to the annual summit in February next year!

It was like a breath of fresh air to actually get prompt replies to my e-mails for a change and I thank you for that. A positive mark has definitely been made and I have already recommended you to a teacher at my school looking to do a similar thing.


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Garment Labelling

Printed Clothing Labels Uses Printed labels are normally used to highlight your brand on a product. What Information goes on these labels? It’s up to you to decide but usually it will have your logo and if your wish, washing/care instructions and size indication. The wash/care instructions and size indication may also be attached separately. […]

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